Monday, September 3, 2012

Our week in review, typhoon, tornado, new hours Oh My!!

This past week has definitely been an interesting one. Last weekend we had our very first REAL typhoon experience here on island thanks to Typhoon Bolaven, then somehow we ended up in a Tornado Watch, yes you read that correctly a TORNADO watch. I seriously didn’t think islands could have tornados…but I guess they can?!?! Then to top all that off we were in a Tsunami warning because there was a 7.9 earthquake off the coast of the Philippines…however that brought just one meter waves to our island so seriously nothing major at all lol (oh by the way…the Tornado never happened obviously!) 

So for our first real typhoon it wasn’t that bad! Lots of wind and rain but that is what a typhoon is so nothing out of the ordinary I guess. With living off base we were lucky to not have lost power at all or internet! So that is definitely one very HUGE plus to living off base. I heard some houses on base lost power for more than a day, so glad that wasn’t us! But one good thing about having a typhoon that meant Bryan got a 4 day weekend! Wohoo for extra time off even if we were stuck inside the whole time! (sadly I have no pics of this typhoon!)

The rest of our week was pretty uneventful, however Bryan did get switched to a new department within in his shop so his hours also got switched which means now Bryan is on the dayshift! So instead of working 3pm-11pm he will be working 7am-4pm! So happy about this…well at least I am, Bryan is sort of unhappy about his new 10pm bedtime LOL

Since Bryan is now on days and actually gets a lunch hour (or rather 1.5 hour lunch time), Bennett and I were able to meet him one day for lunch on base. So that will be a new perk to his lunch hour, it makes for a great break during our days! Also a new plus to him working days, we have our nights together again which means dinners together and having Friday nights to go out as well! Living a ‘normal’ schedule is awesome!

Bennett and I have definitely had a new schedule as well this week! We have been getting out more during the day, which is great! It kind of gets boring just sitting at home every day…however trust me there is so much that I could be doing at home! I need to get better at making a routine I can get down and stick to it! Some days I can barely throw a load of laundry in and remember to switch it to the dryer before Bryan gets home…Bennett just likes to be held some days and I am taking advantage of this time now, because in about 3 years I am sure he won’t want to be held at all =(

One day this week Bennett and I met my friend Sara and her little boy for lunch, so that was great fun! Mommy talk and adult time is very much needed!! Bennett and I also braved the BX by ourselves, Commissary, post office and even the Airman’s Attic (thrift shop on base), we definitely kept busy! I do have high hopes for this next week!

And here are some pics from our week

Bennett at ONE month old!

Daddy and Bennett lounging around during our typhoon

family picture

Bennett has such 'cute' faces!

Bennett has mommy's chin!!!

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