Wednesday, November 28, 2012

B is FOUR months old!

Bennett you are 4 months old today, how did that happen! I can not even fathom how fast these next few months will go and soon you will be ONE and it just makes me tear up thinking about you growing up! You are still my little baby and I wish there was a way to make you stay a 'baby' forever...but I guess that won't happen!

4 Months Stats:
Weight: 15.9 pounds
Length: 25 inches! ( 2ft and 1in)
Clothes Size: 3-6months
Shoe Size: 1 or 2
Diapers: OS cloth diapers and size 2 disposables for night time

Bennett you have really started noticing things around you this past month! It's so much fun to watch you just take it all in, you have also started reacting to other people. I think you are going to have a shy side to you, it takes you a little while to warm up to new people. That isn't a bad thing and truthfully, I consider it a good thing. People need to earn your trust first, and that makes me feel a bit better about the whole stranger danger thing!

You are so 'talkative' you talk all day long, and I love having conversations with you! You talk to the tv, and to Bella! Bella really does love you! She spends most of her days just laying by you when you are on the floor playing, or is not too far away from you. I seriously LOVE it! Watching the two of you together is so much fun, you two will be the best of friends in a couple more years!!

You had your first cold this month as well. I hate seeing you sick and I feel so bad you are sick especially since you caught the cold from me =( I figured this would happen at some point, I mean we do spend every day all day long together!  I hated seeing you all congested and runny nose. But at least we have the first cold under our belts!

You are also getting better at tummy time as well! This is a huge improvement in this area because you used to HATE tummy time and scream and scream until we turned you back over to your back. However you recently have been more tolerant of it! This is great news =)

Here are a few pictures from today, on your exact four month birthday! Such a big boy and all smiles =)