Monday, January 28, 2013

Bennett at SIX Months!!!

SIX Months, a HALF of a YEAR. I can't believe it. These past six months have flown by and I seriously can't even fathom that in six more months B will be a year old. It seems impossible. Some days I can't even believe that I have a baby let alone a six month old?! How did I get so old?!?!?!?!

This past month has been a busy, fun filled, full of new adventures and crazy time for Bennett! He has been able to experience so many new things and add so many FIRSTS to his 'baby book'! It's been a great time and like every month I think this one is the BEST.

Stats at Birth:
Weight: 7lbs 11oz
Length: 21"
Head Circumference: 13.5"
Diapers: Newborn were way too big!!!
Clothes: newborn were too small but 0-3 were too big

Stats as of NOW:
Weight: 19lbs 'unofficial' won't go to the doctor til' we get back to Okinawa
Length: 26"
Head: 15.75"
Diapers: size 3
Clothes: mostly in 6-9 and some 9-12 just depends on the brand.
Shoes: his Converse are size 2 and fit great but his Nikes are size 2 and they don't fit as of today...and shoes from Old Navy are size 3 and fit =) again just depends on the brand

This past month one of the most exciting things was B became a WORLD TRAVELER and got his first set of stamps on his passport!!! We left Okinawa and flew to the US on January 14th!!! He was able to meet so many family members!!! Such an awesome time =)

Bennett also is mastering sitting up and not toppling over, his big ole' head keeps weighing him down! But he is getting better and he loves to sit up and look around at everything! Bennett is such a people person and loves to people watch! He just gets a kick out of his surroundings and will laugh and giggle at anyone who walks by!

B is such a happy baby! Bryan and I are so thankful we have such a good natured, laid back baby! We seriously lucked out with one of the best babies in the world! B is such a joy and he brings smiles to everyone he meets!

Some of Bennett's favorite things include, laptops, iPhones, tvs, anything that sings or makes noise, books with colorful pictures, his doggy Bella!, being in his stroller, and holding onto something at all times! B loves to sit and 'play' on our laptop or phones, it is so cute he will start pushing the keys and he thinks it's so fun when things pop up on the screen! We downloaded a 'drawing' game on our phones and he loves to 'draw' things on the game he laughs and laughs at it! It's so very cute!

This past month B has started to eat 'solids' daily now. Before it was a hit or miss, but we have started them and been making sure he gets them at dinner time, and sometimes he gets them twice a day. Just depends on his eating schedule. He LOVES pears and carrots, he also really likes the baby yogurt, I give that to him sometimes in the morning if his morning bottle doesn't fill him up. B is still taking about 4-5 bottles a day, but he has dropped back to about 5-7oz. a feeding now, I am thinking the decrease in formula is due to the baby food he is getting.

Sleeping is still going awesome (well it was til' we came back to visit family, but it's starting to get back to normal, the whole time difference really threw him off), he sleeps around 9-10 hours a night straight through. He wakes up and then 2 hours later goes down for his morning nap which is about 45 minutes, he then takes about a 3 hour nap in the afternoon and depending on the day sometimes will take another 45 minute nap later in the evening. Bedtime is usually around 10pm during the weekdays and sometimes around 11pm on the weekends, but if he is tired he lets you know and will go to bed before his 'bedtime' some nights. B is currently still sleeping in the pack n play in our room (when we are home, when visiting family he sleeps in a pack n play in the guest room with me), but hopefully once we get back from the States we will be transferring him to his crib in the nursery.

Now for pictures!

This first one is just one of my favorite it's from the Saturday before we flew out of Okinawa so B was 5 months and 2 weeks old, but I love it and just wanted to share =)

Here are the pics taken today on Bennett's 6 month birthday! Can't believe how big he is getting!!! Also I love his outfit, I don't care if you are not into sweater vests, on babies they are adorable HA!

Already sticking his tongue out at momma!

Such a happy baby!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

We Have a New Favorite Restaurant!

Well, in the last week we have eaten at the same little cafe TWICE. It is just that good! For us to eat at the same place more than once let alone twice in one week you know it must good, especially when it's off base somewhere!

I found this great little cafe about 20 minutes away from us down by a beach that we have gone to a few times, called Primo Kitchen, and let me tell you it is one of the BEST places to eat! It's a little quiet place located inside a little 'strip mall' type place, about 20 tables if that, and with about 2 waitresses. Even though it's small, the food is awesome!

The food is a wide selection everything from steak, pastas, risottos, doria, and soups. They also have an all you can eat salad, drink, dessert (ice cream) and scone buffet! The buffet of all that is very abnormal here in Japan, well any kind of buffet is not the norm. Most places you just order everything off the menu and that is that. 

Anyways, it's awesome food and if by chance you are ever in Okinawa make sure you find Primo Kitchen down by Toguchi Beach! You won't be disappointed!

Bryan had a doria dish with chicken and mushrooms

I had the creamy egg ham mushroom pasta

Daddy and Bennett

Cute little awnings over the salad and dessert buffet

we got a scoop of each icecream to share so we could try all the flavors!
there is winterchocoloate, caramel salt, muchi, lemon honey, strawberry, mint chip, and red bean

our Bill 2,636 Yen which is about $31