Monday, March 26, 2012

Halfway!!!! and an awesome dinner =)

Seriously how are we halfway through this pregnancy! (and to be exact I am now closer to 21 weeks than 20!) This is flying bye, which I am not complaining about I am just anxious to meet this little guy, however I am enjoying the new pregnancy highlights which include movement! 

I have been able to feel Bennett's little moves since around 18 weeks (actually 18 weeks and 2 days to be exact, but whose counting lol), but gradually they are getting bigger! Bryan was finally able to feel Bennett move on Saturday night (20 weeks and 2 days!), we were told it might be awhile longer yet for Bryan to feel any movement since I have an anterior placenta but sure enough he felt little taps =) Bennett is most active at night, like around 2am! I hope that is not a sign of what is to come when he gets here!

In other pregnancy news not much else is new! We had our anatomy scan on Wednesday and were able to get a few good pictures, and I go to the doctor tomorrow to receive all the results from the measurements and things. Hopefully Bennett is growing on track! Bryan and I are thinking he will be on the smaller side, since I have still only gained about 2.5 pounds total. I am told though that he is a little parasite and is just mooching off my 'fat stores' to grow (I kinda of like the sound of my fat stores going away lol) Here are 2 of the pictures we got from the ultrasound!

This shows Bennett's hand by his cheek and his little legs are sticking straight up in the air! Also little chubby cheeks are forming =)

Just a side profile of his little face

             And here is my 20 week belly shot!

In other Bennett news, my clothes shopping has hit a new high! I keep receiving all my online orders in the mail (happy mail days!), and every time Bryan and I go to the BX we usually pick out at least one new outfit! I seriously can't help myself, plus when I find such great sales how can I say no (we are talking like $2-$4 shirts)?! Clothes are a big thing for me, I love shopping always have...probably why my closet and dressers are stuffed lol Now give me a baby to shop for and OMG watch out! However I do have a picky taste when it comes to clothes so when I see something I like even if it won't fit Bennett til' next summer I buy it! Also one great thing about living here in Okinawa is the weather, we don't really wear winter clothes here so after I bought a few pairs of pants, a couple jackets and a couple long sleeve t-shirts, I can now focus on Summer/Spring clothing (which is what we wear 98% of the year)! It just gets too warm here to wear multiple layers or too warm of clothing! Luckily warm clothes are cuter anyways! I absolutely LOVE little boy clothes that look 'normal' you know the t-shirts and jeans or polos and plaid shorts, onesies with cute sayings on them and little cargo shorts (basically anything Bryan would wear except for the plaid shorts), I just have never been a big fan of the 'babyish' look on boys. I probably can blame working at daycare for that though I got a good taste of little kids/baby clothing there. Oh and shoes eee they are just soo cute!

yay for shoes, these were gifts from AMMO friends!

more shoes and cute plaid shorts!

I had to get this little baseball shirt! Plus it says 1987!
I got these shirts when I went with a friend to the "Bunny Store", it's a local store but it was funny because all their clothes had English writing! Some of them were pretty funny when they did the translation though! Also I had to get the teal one since it said Iowa on it and it was teal, how crazy is that an Iowa t-shirt for sale to locals in Okinawa!
Bryan picked out the little red car shirt!
And I finally found a shirt that said something about daddy! Those are hard to find!

Well, lets just say with all these clothes I don't think Bennett will EVER go without lol also I don't think I'll need to buy clothes til' he's 2, BUT something tells me I will =)

Now onto something completely different! We tried a new restaurant this past weekend! Yay for some place new! I love our regulars; Naps, Macaroni Grill, and the Clubs but it was fun to eat somewhere new. Bryan had been wanting to try the Seaside Restaurant for awhile so we finally made our way there. It's a part of Kadena but located off base over on the Kadena Marina, basically it's a beach that is suppose to be for military to go swimming and rent boats and scuba gear at. This place had awesome views of the East China Sea, and we were able to watch the sun set during dinner. If it was nicer out we could have set out on the deck, which we will have to do sometime this summer! Also I should mention that we loved the food so much on Saturday night that we went back AGAIN on Sunday night! Bryan had the same thing and I tried the Margherita pizza (best I have EVER had) the 2nd night...but we still got the same dessert!

The view from our table, we were inside but the section we sat in we were surrounded by windows!

This place was great because they brought you a pitcher of your own pop!

Yummy coconut shrimp!

My seafood pasta bake, it was so good!

Bryan's shrimp scampi pizza, it was pretty good except for the spinach =)

And for dessert...Chocolate Lovin Spoon Cake! It was amazing, it was like cakey fudge, oh so yummy!

And the awesome sunset!

And again!
 Well that was a long post, hope you made it through! I'll try to update more regular so I don't have so much to talk about at once =)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's a....and Nursery Progress!

Bryan and I found out on February 25th, that Baby Thompson is a BOY!! We couldn't wait til my next ultrasound on base so we went off base and had an elective 3D ultrasound done at an OB Clinic in town. I was kind of nervous with it being a Japanese clinic and I was afraid we wouldn't be able to understand the tech who did it, but thankfully there were no issues! Plus, it was an ACTUAL DOCTOR who did my ultrasound! I haven't even seen a doctor on base, so I can say the first doctor I seen was Japanese! Anyways...we got one good picture from our 3D ultrasound, since I was only 16 weeks when we went they don't give too many pictures because there isn't a whole lot see. We do plan on going back when I am around 30-32 weeks along to get some better pictures though!

Bennett at 16 weeks 2 days!

Anyways we were completely shocked when the doctor moved the wand over and clear as day it was a BOY! It was kinda of crazy, because all along Bryan was sure it was a girl, so I think he was the most shocked out of the two of us! Either way all we really wanted was a healthy baby, and we are so thrilled to be having a little boy! We have decided to name him Bennett Remington, and no you can't call him Benny!

So now that we knew we were having a boy, I think we were more excited to get started on the nursery! We had already had the crib we bought that last month, but we did go out and finish buying all the other furniture (dresser, glider, changing table). So Bryan and I spent pretty much a whole Sunday cleaning out the soon to be nursery and putting together all the furniture! I am so happy now to have a lot of the big things purchased and actually in their place! Plus being able to walk by the nursery or go in and sit in the glider is just fun! Makes this whole baby thing more real =)

There is still a whole lot that needs done in the nursery, most of it needs to be made still. My mom and I are sewing all the bedding and curtains so we both have a lot of work that still needs to be done! Also we are still on the look out for decor for the walls. Since we can't paint, I want to find some cute wall hangings and prints to liven up the room a little! But since that will still take some time, here are some sneak peeks at Bennett's nursery!

Right side of the room, looking in from the door.

Left side of the room.

And just because Bella is so cute =)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

17 weeks and Baby Stuff is fun to buy!

I can't believe that we are almost to the half way point in this pregnancy! It seems like we just found out, I know that we still have 23 weeks left BUT seriously how is it going so fast?!

Lately things have been going pretty well and pretty easy (knock on wood)! The only new symptom I have come down with is heartburn =( Which is not very fun at all! But if that is at bad as this gets then I will gladly eat my tums by the handful =)

Bryan and I have been busy getting stuff for baby and having fun shopping and looking! However I am sure I am having more fun than him, but he is a good sport and indulges me in my hour long BX runs just to look at cute clothes =) We actually were able to check off lots of things on our list today, since the BX was having a good sale! We finished buying the baby's furniture along with much more items that of course were needed (or so the books say). I would take pictures but so far the dresser and changing table are still in no pictures yet!

Tomorrow we hope to get the bedroom that will be the nursery cleaned out, so we can start getting things put together! It will be so exciting to actually get things set up, and I can't wait for the dresser to be together so I can start putting all the clothes and things I have bought in there instead of my closet, my closet has been over taken by baby things!

This past week was a busy one for us since Bryan worked 12's most of the week, and this next week and half will be the same. Hopefully with Bryan working nights, I will be able to get some sewing done! Now with having most of our stuff bought I hope my motivation kicks in to get all the bedding done along with the curtains as well.

And here I am at 17 weeks! Oh and since I am in 2nd trimester I was able to FINALLY get my hair highlighted again! Oh, how I missed it! I was getting tired of my dark hair!