Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's a....and Nursery Progress!

Bryan and I found out on February 25th, that Baby Thompson is a BOY!! We couldn't wait til my next ultrasound on base so we went off base and had an elective 3D ultrasound done at an OB Clinic in town. I was kind of nervous with it being a Japanese clinic and I was afraid we wouldn't be able to understand the tech who did it, but thankfully there were no issues! Plus, it was an ACTUAL DOCTOR who did my ultrasound! I haven't even seen a doctor on base, so I can say the first doctor I seen was Japanese! Anyways...we got one good picture from our 3D ultrasound, since I was only 16 weeks when we went they don't give too many pictures because there isn't a whole lot see. We do plan on going back when I am around 30-32 weeks along to get some better pictures though!

Bennett at 16 weeks 2 days!

Anyways we were completely shocked when the doctor moved the wand over and clear as day it was a BOY! It was kinda of crazy, because all along Bryan was sure it was a girl, so I think he was the most shocked out of the two of us! Either way all we really wanted was a healthy baby, and we are so thrilled to be having a little boy! We have decided to name him Bennett Remington, and no you can't call him Benny!

So now that we knew we were having a boy, I think we were more excited to get started on the nursery! We had already had the crib we bought that last month, but we did go out and finish buying all the other furniture (dresser, glider, changing table). So Bryan and I spent pretty much a whole Sunday cleaning out the soon to be nursery and putting together all the furniture! I am so happy now to have a lot of the big things purchased and actually in their place! Plus being able to walk by the nursery or go in and sit in the glider is just fun! Makes this whole baby thing more real =)

There is still a whole lot that needs done in the nursery, most of it needs to be made still. My mom and I are sewing all the bedding and curtains so we both have a lot of work that still needs to be done! Also we are still on the look out for decor for the walls. Since we can't paint, I want to find some cute wall hangings and prints to liven up the room a little! But since that will still take some time, here are some sneak peeks at Bennett's nursery!

Right side of the room, looking in from the door.

Left side of the room.

And just because Bella is so cute =)

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