Saturday, March 3, 2012

17 weeks and Baby Stuff is fun to buy!

I can't believe that we are almost to the half way point in this pregnancy! It seems like we just found out, I know that we still have 23 weeks left BUT seriously how is it going so fast?!

Lately things have been going pretty well and pretty easy (knock on wood)! The only new symptom I have come down with is heartburn =( Which is not very fun at all! But if that is at bad as this gets then I will gladly eat my tums by the handful =)

Bryan and I have been busy getting stuff for baby and having fun shopping and looking! However I am sure I am having more fun than him, but he is a good sport and indulges me in my hour long BX runs just to look at cute clothes =) We actually were able to check off lots of things on our list today, since the BX was having a good sale! We finished buying the baby's furniture along with much more items that of course were needed (or so the books say). I would take pictures but so far the dresser and changing table are still in no pictures yet!

Tomorrow we hope to get the bedroom that will be the nursery cleaned out, so we can start getting things put together! It will be so exciting to actually get things set up, and I can't wait for the dresser to be together so I can start putting all the clothes and things I have bought in there instead of my closet, my closet has been over taken by baby things!

This past week was a busy one for us since Bryan worked 12's most of the week, and this next week and half will be the same. Hopefully with Bryan working nights, I will be able to get some sewing done! Now with having most of our stuff bought I hope my motivation kicks in to get all the bedding done along with the curtains as well.

And here I am at 17 weeks! Oh and since I am in 2nd trimester I was able to FINALLY get my hair highlighted again! Oh, how I missed it! I was getting tired of my dark hair!

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