Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Valentine's Dinner

So what did we do for Valentine's Day? Well, I had my glucose test in the morning, then we did an early lunch at the Club then Bryan went to work and I came home and spent the night with my Little Bella. Pretty exciting right lol Thankfully Bryan did have that Thursday off, so we did go to dinner. We don't usually do anything big for Valentine's Day but we do always go dinner and just spend time with each other...even if it's not on the actual Valentine's Day, and wouldn't you know it restaurants are LESS busy then!

So with dinner on the horizon we knew we wanted to try out a new restaurant off base, so I scoured the Okihai website (awesome website for places in Okinawa that gives great reviews and a 'story' about each place, whether it's a restaurant, place to shop, tourist attraction you name it, it's on the website!). I eventually found a great place called Crocodile, sounded adventurous to me. So we set off to find it...easier said then done. Whenever we want to go to a new place we usually get lost and that night was no different! We walked around the area where it was 'suppose' to be for a good hour then decided to drive around looking, eventually we found it!

This place was NO disappointment! Just to get inside the place you had to walk through a tunnel, it was pretty crazy! Once inside it was a very cool atmosphere, and with hardly anybody there we pretty much had the place to ourselves!! The name crocodile should pretty much tell you what was on the menu...yup crocodile. We ordered fried crocodile as an appetizer I must say it wasn't anything like I thought it was going to be, it was actually good, however the after taste was weird! The restaurant itself is a Surf and Turf type place so lots of seafood and steak and chicken dishes, it was the most amazing food! I got the chicken cordon-bleu and loved every single bite of it! Bryan got the salmon crepes and said they were good too (I am NOT a salmon fan). For dessert we got some sort of parfait type thing, I wasn't sure what it was called but I just pointed to something on the dessert menu and said sure why not lol

All in all, it was a pretty great Valentine's Day dinner and another great opportunity to get off base and try something new! Now I will leave you with pictures of our food, because that's what we do take pictures of everything we eat lol

The entrance to the restaurant!

Fried crocodile served with salsa

Me trying crocodile!

The seating area, those windows on the right side was actually a Water Window, water runs down those windows into a little tube. It was really cool!

Every meal comes with Soup and Salad, not the traditional Okinawa Salad, but still good.

Bryan's Salmon Crepes and Indian Rice

My Chicken Cordon-Bleu, shaped into balls!

Our yummy dessert!

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