Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bennett...ONE month old

How is it possible that our little tiny baby is already ONE month old? Wasn't I just pregnant, and didn't I JUST give birth to him? I can't understand how fast this last month has flown by. Seems unreal to me. Also when I think that in just 11 short months he will be  one YEAR old, I actually start to tear up. I just can't even let myself think about that! I don't want him to grow up so fast!!! I want him to stay my little tiny baby forever...but I know that's not possible, so we better savor every day with him as a tiny baby NOW.


Weight- 8.0lbs (according to our scale, no dr. appt til 2 month check up)

So what has mister Bennett been up to in his FIRST month of life:

- Already *almost* a pro at holding his head up on his own, seriously strong neck muscles for a wee one!
- Very alert when he is awake and loves to look around and see what is all around him.
- Loves to watch tv (I think he likes the colors moving, does this sound bad? I like to keep the tv on during the day just as a noise in the background but when I put him in his bouncy seat he loves to stare at it...I may use this as a 'distraction' for him so I can do dishes or laundry).
- Now drinks 4oz bottles every 3-4 hours, sometimes he only takes 2-3oz...but still eats every 3-4 hours.
- Has already been to the Ocean! We put his toes in the East China Sea when he was just 16 days old! He was not a huge fan of the water!
- Visited one of Okinawa's most toured sites...the Shuri Jo Castle.
- Has been through his FIRST typhoon and slept through most of it! Typhoon Bolaven paid our little island a HUGE visit over the weekend and that is how we celebrated Bennett's 4 weeks of life! (you may have heard about our typhoon we made CNN news and Yahoo News!)
- Goes through about 15-18 diapers a day...just makes more laundry for mama 
- Has met Grandma and Grandpa Howard and Aunt Jenni; and spent 2 weeks with them.
- Already had his FIRST ER visit...not a fun time for Mommy and Daddy!
- Loves to ride in the car, and usually falls asleep once we get moving, however he does NOT like to be in his car seat but calms down once we start driving!
- Loves to be 'worn' I have a few wraps, slings that I wear and he loves to be carried in them.
- and the most exciting one...SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! Bennett goes down for the night around 11pm-1am and then sleeps til' 7am (usually)! I will definitely count that as sleeping through the night!!!

Bennett doing his favorite thing...sleeping in his bouncy chair, I figured this was very fitting for his monthly picture!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Somewhat of an update...in pictures

So since I seem to be very behind on this ole' blog here, I decided to just do a big picture update. Because seriously I love pictures of Bennett and hopefully you do too! There is so much more to update especially since family was here for 2 weeks, but that will get it's own post so for now enjoy pictures from the last 3.5 weeks!!! 

Newly arrived Bennett

Daddy and his boy!

He was so alert (and still is!)

Mommy and Bennett shortly after delivery

aww I just love that face!

his sharp little nails already scratched his face  =(

We are just so in love with this little guy!

Going home kimono outfit =) and of course Puma socks =)

ready to go home yippee (he looked so tiny in this!)

I might have had a ABU hat made to match Daddy's!!!

My matching boys!!!

*some how got out of order* our first night at the hospital 

Oh I love him!

At home oh I love him!

He has hair!!

I also made this little onesie for him! We have AMMO spirit in this house (Bryan's AF job is AMMO)

Yes, Bryan is wearing his Chem Gas Mask...his poopy wasn't even that bad lol

Daddy and Bennett playing video games!

Daddy and his babies!

One of Bennett's funny faces!!!

He likes to be swaddled...except not really he must have had gas here lol

At his 2 week check up

Daddy and Bennett like video games lol

I think this is his..."I think there is something in my diaper" face =)

Mommy and Bennett snuggles while daddy is at work.

Bella kissies!!
Hopefully I can get back into the swing of blogging so I can keep this updated now since Bennett is here...and almost a month old (holy cow!)