Sunday, September 16, 2012

Update Update Read All About It!

Well, figured it was time to update this little ole' blog here! A lot has been going on, but been way too busy to find time to sit down and actually write about it...BUT here we are having another typhoon so I got the time!

We are going through our 2nd typhoon in 3 weeks! Insane. This is Super Typhoon Sanba, and apparently it's a donut typhoon, interesting name just makes me hungry for donuts haha! Anyways, this one was suppose to be huge typhoon, but apparently it's getting weaker, so that only means we get stuck inside for 2 days, and Bryan gets no time off of work. Typhoons only come on the weekends, didn't you know?

This last week was sort of a whirlwind, it seems time just goes so fast anymore! I don't even know what to update on because it just kinda blurs together! But Bennett and I were able to head onto base and meet Bryan again this week for lunch, we also stayed busy with other errands and meeting friends for lunch as well. The week days are pretty much the same though week to week, Bryan working during the day, myself and Bennett just sticking around the house or heading to base. And the weekends are spent doing whatever needs to be done.

One major thing that is exciting, is that Bennett is officially a US Citizen!! His birth certificate was finally issued, and he now is no longer in limbo land of citizenship!! Now we just have to apply for his passport and then we will be super close to being able to head back to the States after the first of the year!

Also one night we were able to go and get some of our favorite icecream...well maybe it's just my favorite hehe! Blue Seal though does have some great flavors and it's one of the places we took my family to when they came and visited, where else can you get salt flavored icecream?!? We however tried the 'small mountain' this time and loved it! Although it did have corn flakes in the bottom, it was different, but good!

We also experienced Bennett's first 'sick day', on Wednesday. We have no idea what it was, but he was not having a good day, I think he ended up having really bad gas bubbles and not able to go to the bathroom (if you know what I mean). But after daddy got home, he was all better because he had daddy snuggles!!

Well, I guess I will leave you all with some pictures!

Lunch time with Daddy at the Club...our favorite lunch spot

Bennett just loves his swing!


Our 'small mountain' at Blue Seal...lots of yummy flavors!

Daddy snuggles makes mister Bennett feel all better!

Awww...I just love this face!!!

Strong neck muscles! 

Smiling...on command sorta

"why you keep takin my picture?"

"this is what I think of tummy time"

this could be my new favorite picture =)

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