Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bennett is Two Months!

Bennett Remington you are TWO MONTHS old today! How in the world did this happen? We don't have Bennett's two month visit until Monday (the 1st), so I don't know his exact weight and length but I will take a guess and then update Monday so I can keep a record of it!

2 Month Stats:
Weight-- my guess is right around 10 pounds
Length-- my guess is around 22 inches *maybe* 23
Diapers-- still wearing newborn size cloth diapers and slowly transitioning into his one size cloth diapers on the smallest setting.
Clothes-- still wearing 0-3 months and probably will be for awhile, he is not chunky at all, just getting long! He most likely will outgrow his clothes in length not 'width' haha
Shoes-- newborn size shoes, the little 'crib' shoes I have for him which are size 0-6 months are HUGE on him, so he wears NB most of the time (whenever we actually put shoes on him)

Bennett no longer wears hats or mittens...yay for that! I was getting so tired of having him always wearing those things and them not 'going' with his outfits! I wasn't sure how long they were suppose to wear them, but the nurses always said to keep them on him so we did for about the first month.

This last month has been an exciting one! Bennett is finally starting to really 'interact' with us, and smiles AT us, not just when he has gas! It is so FUN to have him smile when he sees us, or hears our voices! It's just incredible, and I love it! He also is becoming a PRO at holding his head up, but he doesn't like tummy time at all. Bennett no longer likes to be held 'like a baby' and much prefers to be held facing outward seeing everything there is to see! 

Bennett still sleeps swaddled and let me just say that he sleeps so awesome like that! He has been continuously sleeping through the night since he was 3 weeks old, and continues to sleep about 8ish hours a night! Wohoo that makes this Mama very happy!! 

As for food, Bennett takes about 5oz every 4ish hours. Sometimes he only last 3 hours but might not take the full 5oz. We are on full formula feeding now, we stopped breast milk at  7 weeks and he seems to have done quite well with the transition. 

In the last month Bennett has gone through 2 typhoons and we are 'working' on our third one as we speak! Typhoon Jelawat is making her presence on our island this weekend! 

Also BIG news for his 2nd month is he FINALLY is a US Citizen! The US accepted his paperwork and 'granted' Bennett citizenship (the joys of living overseas!). We are now in the process of getting his passport issued (let me just say taking a passport photo of a 7 week old is HARD, but it turned out so cute!).

And here are some of the pictures from his 2 month pictures!

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