Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bennett is THREE months old!

Okay so I had a little Mommy Fail and didn't get this posted on the 28th, which was his actual 3 Month Birth-day, but things have been crazy!

Bennett you are THREE months old, how is that possible? I know I say that every.single.month but it's true I just can't believe where the time has gone!

3 Month Stats:

Weight: 14 pounds (we weighed you here at home, you won't go back to the doctor until 4 months)
Length: Not so sure about this when we met with the Nutritionalist 2 weeks ago you were 23.5", so my guess is that!
Clothes: You are officially about out of the 0-3 month sizes! Onesies still work for the most part, but your footed pajamas are way too 'short', again you will grow out of things by your length not 'width' haha which is a good thing!
Diapers: You are no longer wearing Newborn Cloth Diapers. We are in all One Size Cloth Diapers!!!
Shoes: Newborn size no longer fits! You have moved up to 1's!

Your Third month has been insane! So many things are happening and you are changing every single day! I think  you learn something new all the time, and in turn we are learning something all the time too! It has been such a fun month, we only had ONE typhoon this month, so yay for that!! You have now been through 4 typhoons in your short life!

Some other fun things:

  • You are trying so HARD to roll over! I didn't think that would happen for awhile yet, but whenever you are on the floor you throw your legs over to one side and try to roll. I think you weigh a little too much yet and your little muscles are still too small...but it's coming!
  • You are making so many more sounds now! It is so fun to spend my day 'talking' to you! You have so many things to say and you 'jibber' all day long! Seriously one of my favorite things!!!
  • You have come quite attached to your momma (ME!), which I can't say I hate haha but it does make things difficult (bathroom runs, shower time and making dinner haha).
  • You can play on your play mat for a long time without me being right beside you.
  • You are starting to really interact now...it is so much fun! When you see one of us you just get the BIGGEST smile on your face it is so darn cute!
  •  You are eating 5 bottles a day and drinking between 6-7oz at a time. BIG BOY!!
  • On your exact 3 month birthday we gave you rice cereal and mashed apples for the first time!! You LOVED them!!! 
  • You are sleeping about 10 HOURS every single night! I am so happy, and proud of you!!! I love not having to wake up in the middle of the night for feedings lol makes for one happy and well rested Momma!!!
  • You are a great napper as well!! You take a morning nap which lasts about an hour to 2 hours, an afternoon nap usually around 3pm-6pm. 
  • You LOVE routines! If we change up our routine you don't nap as well, but you are still a very happy baby!! 
I just LOVE this little face hehe

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