Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby News!

I have just posted 2 (3 including this one) new posts so if you missed those scroll down they were delayed because Blogger was not letting me upload pictures for the last few weeks!


Well here we are at 23 weeks (and 1 day)! I know I say this a lot but really where has the last almost 6 months gone? This is just going super fast, don't get me wrong I love that in just 17 weeks we will be meeting our little guy, but I just hope I can savor these last few months of this pregnancy and these last few months of just Bryan and I time (and Bella)! It's true what they say you don't realize how much you want to do just the two of you til' you are in countdown mode to become three! We have a growing list of a some tours and places we want to go on and see before Bennett arrives and probably not enough time! But such is life, and I wouldn't trade it for anything! We also have a growing list of things that still need to be done! It's insane how much we have to do to get ready lol but thankfully we got a good start on that list last weekend and got a few things crossed off! Yay for teamwork...or a very wonderful husband who doesn't complain too much when I tell him we need to go buy more things and he needs to put them together!

Last weekend we were able to go to the Monkey Man store and buy a few shelves for Bennett's nursery, and wouldn't you know they had lime green book cases! Seriously that was the highlight of the shopping trip! I won't show a finished product yet that will have to come with the nursery reveal but here is a picture of Bryan putting it together without instructions since they were in Japanese!

The nursery is coming together pretty well! I am very happy with the progress we are making and love adding new things to it! I still have sewing left to do for the bedding and curtains, but I work better under pressure anyways, so maybe those will get finished in August lol I am however finding new little DIY decor projects to do, which seem a lot more fun than sewing so I have been working on those (and other projects for our apartment as well) and that is what has been taking up most of my time! 

Bennett is a MOVER, I was just feeling his movements mostly at night time but it seems lately it's an all day occurrence, some days more than others but for the most part I feel him through out my day. This is one of those pregnancy things I hope to never forget! It's just such an amazing part of life that seems so unreal! Bryan has been able to feel him move a few times, and that is always nice when I can share this experience with him, I know Bryan probably thinks he just gets the crappy part of pregnancy! The putting together furniture, and clothes shopping, and my complaining that my feet hurt and my heartburn is killing me! So when he can experience the fun things too, I like that =)

No new news on the doctor front. I don't go back to the doctor until the 18th of May I will be at 28 weeks then which seems hard to believe! But I guess with all the pregnant women here they don't have room to see you at 24 weeks unless you are high risk so I guess I am happy that I won't be seen then! 

Not really any other new pregnancy news to report, heartburn is still going strong and I am still trying to gain a few pounds here and there. The doctor reported at 21 weeks I had gained a total of about 3 pounds, so yay for a little weight! But I think Bennett might be going through a growth spurt this last week, because all I have wanted to do is eat! So hopefully he is growing nice and strong and big in there! 

And here is my 23 week Bennett Belly picture! I am carrying him pretty low most of the time, in the mornings he will be higher but by afternoon/night he has wedged himself pretty low. It's kinda funny if I take pictures through out the day you can see the progression of it, it's just crazy! 

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