Friday, April 13, 2012

Time for a Catch Up!--Bryan's Birthday Celebrations!

Okay first let me just start off by saying that I have not been ignoring this blog, but rather Blogger wouldn't let me upload pictures for some reason and I wasn't going to post about restaurants we went to if I couldn't post pictures! So this is a long one, and there will be a few more new posts over the next few hours/days to catch up on our time!


For Bryan's birthday he had to work of course, I think you realize you are a grown up when you have to go to work on your birthday! Nobody likes that, but he didn't complain (too much lol)! So since we couldn't go out for dinner on Thursday we went to lunch instead! 

We ended up at the Tee House Restaurant, which is on the golf course at Kadena. It's a pretty good little place, with good food and GREAT views! You can see the flight line and the ocean (when it's not foggy!) so it's neat to see planes come in and land or take off while eating. 

We both got the gyros! Yum! And I got the mac n' cheese as my side, seriously it's the best mac n' cheese EVER!

Bryan got onions on his yuck lol and the tortilla soup.

And here we are on Bryan's 28th Birthday!

When Bryan got home on his birthday at oh around 11:30pm I had dinner waiting for him! I made a new recipe that I found for Shrimp Pasta. It was awesome! Even the sauce was homemade, so I think he got himself a pretty good birthday dinner if I do say so myself! I also made a dessert of pumpkin cake, too bad I forgot to buy candles for him to blow out!

My awesome Shrimp Pasta dish!!

Bryan with his cake! You will see a little section without frosting...yup that was for Bella! She had to celebrate too!

Since Bryan worked on his birthday and I still like to dinner out for birthdays we went out on Saturday night. We tried a new (to us) place on the island, that I had heard good things about, plus it's a Tex-Mex restaurant! The closest thing to Mexican we can get around here unless you count Taco Bell (and I don't).  The food was awesome and the atmosphere was like what you would expect at a little Mexican cafe! Seriously it surprised me!

Homemade salsa (so yummy) and chips

My meal of Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas! OMG so good!

Bryan's meal of Beef Enchilada, Chicken Taco and sides.

And a failed attempt at the whole timer shot lol

Alright well there you have it the wonderful celebrations of Bryan's 28th Birthday! It was the first birthday we have celebrated here in Okinawa, and even though we didn't get to celebrate with family we still had a fun time and made it special with just the two (er I mean 3 of us since Bella got cake too!) of us.  And I completely think Bryan will have to make me a homemade dinner for my birthday in July however at that point in my pregnancy since it will be a month before my due date I may just want icecream lol that would be easy!

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