Friday, April 13, 2012

Time for a Catch Up!---We Found Italian Food!!!

Here is another catch up post since Blogger was not letting me post pictures there for a few weeks! 


One weekend we decided to try another restaurant off base (if you haven't noticed we are getting more daring! and venturing off base more!) I kept hearing about this Italian place, and if you know Bryan and I then you know we LOVE Italian food! We just hadn't found the time or the directions to go there, but as luck would have it, my AMMO wives group did a lunch there a couple weeks ago! So not only had a I tried their food BUT I knew how to get there!!! So for our Easter dinner celebration (because I was NOT making a big dinner for just the two of us!) we decided to go to to Marinos!

First off let me just say, that this place actually looks like a restaurant! It's not a hole in the wall or in a 'strip' mall it's an actual building! Pretty nice! Also they had unlimited drink! To get that off base is unheard of! Also the food, oh my gosh the food was ah-mazing! I could eat there every day! The way this place does the menu is a bit different though. You order by how many people are in your party, and then depending on that depends on how many choices you get. So for instance since we had two people we got Salad, Pizza, Pasta, and Dessert, but we decided to add a side of their Cheese Fondue because I had heard great things about that! Anyways back to the menu, everything you order you share, so you have to agree on what kind of salad (they had so many choices, we just did Caesar), Pizza (we did mushroom) and what kind of Pasta (we did the kind with bacon and cream sauce), as the for the desserts they have a HUGE dessert bar and each person gets to pick THREE desserts! Wohoo that is my type of restaurant!!!

Bryan's happy because of the free pop bar!!! Wohoo, here in Japan they have this awesome drink called White Water I don't think it's actually water, but we have no idea what it is, you can only find it at restaurants (trust me I have looked at the stores!), we each drank probably 5 glasses of it! 

Another failed attempt at a self timer shot

Caesar salad to share

The pasta is made fresh at your table, in a HUGE giant cheese wheel!!!

Yummy pasta!!!

Our cheese fondue this was sooo good!!!

Mushroom Pizza, I wasn't that big of a fan it was good but the mushrooms were different Bryan of course loved it!

My three desserts! I loved the little fruit tarts!

Bryan's desserts!

Not only was the drink bar free, but it included pop and coffees!!!

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  1. Oooo that does look yummy. I'll have to try it sometime!