Monday, June 11, 2012

New News!

Again it's been awhile since I last updated this ole' blog here, I seriously sometimes just forget we even have it! I am just so used to updating Facebook with pictures and news that I forget that I started this blog as well. Hopefully you all have been staying up to date with Facebook and if you haven't then you should! Because I can't promise I will keep this up to date when Bennett arrives I am sure I will be much busier and preoccupied to update two social medias lol

Anyways, lots has happened since my last post. I was able to spend about a month back in the States and arrived back on island the middle of May, so that was a nice visit and I am so happy I was able to get back and see family and friends!!! I won't be back Stateside now until after the New Year (and probably leaning closer to February) so it was nice to get back one last time before I start traveling with a baby all by myself!! I'm really hoping to be able to get home twice next year (2013) once in February'ish' and then again during the summer months as well (maybe June/July/August) not sure yet, as Bennett and I will be flying Space A again.

Bryan and I bought a new car last week! My little Will Vi was too little for our new addition and it was time to get something bigger! So we sold my little blue car to a friend (and thankfully she loves the car as much as I did, it was super fun to drive, it had so much zip to it lol), and we bought a Honda Spike. It kind of reminds me of a mini-van but Bryan says it's not...even though it does have sliding doors on both sides. Either way it's bigger and it gets the job done, and it's a pretty easy car to drive as well. It's also blue...which is the one reason I think Bryan wanted this car so badly =)

Here in Okinawa we are officially in Typhoon season (June 1st-Nov. 30th) we had our first 'scare' of a typhoon last week but it missed us and headed out farther to sea. Bryan was disappointed because if we get one he gets a 'typhoon day' and gets the day off work! This week we are in a 'Tropical Depression' warning, which could turn into a typhoon or it could just be rainy (like it is today). Either way with all this rain it makes the humidity so much worse! It's kinda gross when you walk outside and just sweat! Icky!

Yesterday (Sunday) we tried a new church and I think both Bryan and I like it enough to go back next week! It's called The Harbor and is located off base, but it's filled with young couples (all military) and meets at either 1800 Friday night (6pm) or 1800 Sunday night (6pm), so no mornings! It was a nice little place and everyone seemed super friendly, so hopefully this church will be the last one we visit and we can call it 'home' for the next 27 months of our time here. 

In Baby News:
We are now at 31 weeks (and 4 days as of today) in my pregnancy! I can't believe that this is going so fast! We still have a lot to get done before Bennett makes his appearance, we hoping he arrives a little early (BUT not too early!) so we are on a time crunch now to get things done! It seems our 'To Do List' grows daily and as soon as we cross one thing off two more get added to it! We also have a few things left to buy for Bennett so we need to get our butts in gear and get things done!!! 

I must say I am very surprised at how 'easy' this pregnancy has been, if all future pregnancies could be this easy I would gladly have 20 more kids (haha I joke don't worry Bryan!). But in all seriousness some days I would forget I am pregnant if it weren't for Bennett's constant kicks and punches, I am so thankful for the ease of this especially with being so far from family, it's nice to have it smooth sailing! 

Last week Bryan and I went off base to have another 4D elective ultrasound done. I won't be getting anymore ultrasounds on base since I am not high risk, so we wanted to see our little guy one more time, and I was hoping to get some good pictures of his face and his little chubby cheeks since the last ultrasound at 20 weeks he was still kinda 'alienish' lol here are a few of those shots we got (sorry for them being blurry but I had to take a picture of the actual picture so not the best quality):

I think he was licking/sucking on his arm here! So cute!!

and here is his little leg and foot (currently kicking my ribs!!)

and another face shot, I think he looks cute already but I am biased lol
I go back to the doctor on Friday June 15th, so hopefully everything still looks good. I *should* start going every 2 weeks after this but with so many pregnant women here it will just depend on how busy the office is. Since I am not high risk they are okay with only seeing me every 4 weeks, I at least hope to be seen every 2 weeks though starting at 36 weeks!

Here are some recent Bennett Bump pictures:


Well hopefully I will remember to update this more, but if not you can always find the latest news on Facebook!!

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