Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bennett is EIGHT Months Old!!!

Today Bennett is 8 months old, that means in just 4 VERY short months he will be a one year old. Insane. Completely baffles my mind. I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with him like it was yesterday, and the day we brought him home from the hospital like it was this morning, how is it he is already 8 months old?

Stats at Birth:
Weight: 7lbs 110z
Length: 21"

8 Month Stats:
Weight: 21lbs (unofficial)
Length: 27.25"
Diapers: Size 3
Clothes: mostly 9-12 months
Shoes: Size 3

Bennett is growing like a weed! He seriously has changed so much, and not just in weight/length but he doesn't look as 'babyish' anymore. He is maturing and I think that is what makes it kind of sad. He's not a 'baby' anymore! He can hold his bottle, he can 'talk', he doesn't sleep all the time, he doesn't have a newborn cry. He's growing up!

On March 2nd, the day we arrived back in Okinawa Bennett said his FIRST word! He surprised both Bryan and I and said 'da da' when Bryan picked us up from the airport! It was the sweetest thing in the world! He still doesn't say 'ma ma' but that's okay, his 'da da' is much cuter anyways =) He is also saying 'ba' I dont' know if he is trying to say Bella or Bottle, but either way it's something with a 'b', I guess time will tell.

No crawling yet, he wants to soooo bad, but nothing! He pushes himself up and then kind of 'swims' around but no official crawling movement. Also the 'army crawl' (maybe we can call it the Air Force crawl?) he kind of does that movement as well. If he wants something he will move himself from a sitting position to a laying down position and roll to the item! So at least there is some movement!

Bennett is eating a lot more lately! Growth spurt, alert! He takes about 4 bottles still for a total of about 32oz sometimes a little more if he wants a bottle before bed. He eats 'real' food 2 times a day at lunch and dinner, and is always at the dinner table with us so sometimes he gets food from our dinner if it's 'baby friendly'.

Now for some pictures! (also I will note that Bryan dressed him I wasn't so fond of his outfit but oh well, gotta let the daddy's win sometimes!)

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