Friday, July 13, 2012

Catch Up...again

I seriously feel like all I do on this thing is play catch up, I just can't seem to remember to ever write on here. Sorry to those that actually read this.

The past month (since the last time I wrote anything looks to be June 19, so almost a month) has been a busy one. Bryan and I have kept ourselves busy during the week and the weekends are only busier than the week days it seem.

Bryan has been busy at work and even had to work the weekend 2 weeks ago, so that was no fun, and made for a long work week for him...also made for a long week for Bella and myself! Bella and I get into a routine and when Bryan isn't here on the weekends it really messes it up haha. I also started selling Thirty One Gifts! It's a great faith based company (based off the Proverbs 31 Virtuous Woman) that sells totes, purses, organization things for the home/office, thermal totes (lunch bags, coolers), accessory bags, etc. Lots of great things! I have already had a couple catalog parties, and will be doing a couple in home parties in the next 2 weeks, so it's been exciting! So here is my shameless plug, if you want to have a catalog party that would be awesome, or if you would like to order anything just let me know!! Here is my website (click 'here').

The past few weekends we have made it to the beach! It took us 9 months but we finally went to the beach and have gone every weekend since! It's been a good time, and it's cool by the ocean compared to the heat we have been having!! The temps here are only reaching high 80's but with the heat index/humidity it gets to feeling like it's over 100 degrees. So it's pretty hot!

We have also been able to try a couple new restaurants off base! We went out last weekend for my birthday to 2 new places! Saturday night we went to a Mexican restaurant called Obbligato's it was pretty good, and they even had cheese dip!! On Sunday afternoon we went to a place called Arashi, or as people here call it the Ticket Restaurant. You basically order from a vending machine, it gives you a ticket you take it to the counter and then they bring you the food! Also it was pretty much the best local food I have had here!!! This is definitely a restaurant we will be taking my family to when they just 3.5 weeks!!!

Yup, my parents and sister are making the long voyage over to Okinawa!!! They will be here for Bennett's birth (unless of course he comes early), and then be able to stay for 2 weeks. We are in the process of trying to think of things to do and all the places we want them to see while they are here. The list is growing so hopefully I will feel up to touring some things whether I am days away from delivering Bennett or just days after having Bennett, we shall see!

I am officially 9 months pregnant now! Crazy, that we will be having a baby in possibly 3-4 weeks! Even crazier that we *could* have a baby before the end of this month! Our list of things to do has slowly started to get smaller, which is a good thing!!! We still have quite a few things left to do but nothing like we did a month ago!!

I had my 36 week appointment today, and everything looked great! Bennett is still measuring about a week or so ahead! I also got to have an impromptu ultrasound as well!!! They wanted to verify Bennett's position in case I go into labor before my next appointment, and he is head down, so we are good to go!! My next appointment is in two weeks so I will be 38 weeks! Crazy that it is getting down to the wire now! They even gave me all my Admission paperwork to fill out and gave me a hospital packing list...I guess that means it's close!! The midwife said technically I could have a baby any day and they wouldn't stop labor, so that is kind of exciting! However, I would like Bennett to stay put for at least another 3 weeks!!

This coming weekend we have nothing on our schedule! We are going to take this weekend to just 'be' and relax, one of the last weekends where we have nothing going on, so we are going to take advantage of it! Plus, I heard it's suppose to rain this weekend, so definitely don't want to be outside for that! But who knows a trip to Arashi kind of sounds yummy, and I heard about a new yogurt place as well, we will see if Bryan reads this and then wants to go hehe not too many nights/days left that we can go on date-nights without a baby!

Okay now onto pictures!

Bella giving me birthday kisses! 

Our last birthday to celebrate as a family of three, on Bryan's bday next year we will be a family of 4!!!

Bryan's lunch at Arashi

My lunch at Arashi

The vending machine that you 'order' out of !
 And a few belly shots for you guys as well!

33 weeks after church, hence the skirt lol

35 weeks, going out for my 25th birthday dinner to Obbligatos

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