Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's starting to look like Christmas...

At least in our house...not outside! The weather is a blustery 65 degrees today (haha sorry to all you with snow and/or freezing weather). The sun has finally made it's appearance again after being gone for about a week or so. It's been nice, not to have the rain so much. Everything is finally drying out, even the baseball players were back yesterday playing and being LOUD.

On Friday I FINALLY got around to locating our Christmas decorations and put what little we brought with us out and about. When we were getting ready to move over here everything I read said that we wouldn't have a lot of storage place for items we used only once a year so we got rid of lots of our seasonal decor. We went from 3 HUGE tubs of Christmas decor down to one small tote. Now after arriving here and having our apartment, we definitely could have brought all our decorations. We have so much storage areas, but again that is due to living off base. If we would have been on base we would have had a tiny little place. Oh well, live and learn I guess. Plus that just means I get to attend all those 75% off Christmas sales after next Sunday...well if they have those here!

So here is our little Christmas tour for you all! There were some decor that didn't make it out of the box, but at least we now have Christmas spirit around our place!!

I love this shelf! This is the first thing I bought when we moved here to Okinawa! I just rearranged the shelf and added Christmas figurines to it!

Our tree. Yes it is only 1ft tall! We refer to this as our Bella Tree =)

Our tree stand. And a package of gifts from home!! Can't wait til we get to open gifts on Skype!

My dancing/singing penguins of course found a spot on our tv stand! If Bella was here she would be barking at these! 

Our new ornament for this year. We thought it was very fitting since Bryan joined the Air Force this year to have an Americana Santa!

2010's Ornament since we bought our house in 2010.

2009's Ornament.

Bella's 1st Ornament, and Bryan's Titans ornament.

2008's Ornament. Our 1st Christmas spent married!

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