Thursday, December 15, 2011


I can't believe December is here already, well actually it's almost half over! Crazy! It's also crazy to think that Christmas is just in 9 days! Okinawa doesn't really scream Christmas, it doesn't really scream winter either (that part I am okay with!). However we do feel like it's no where close to Christmas this year, maybe because we have yet to decorate, or the fact there is no snow and it is still in the 60's (which is as cold as it gets here at all). Either way Bryan and I are just not 'feeling' Christmas this year.

We miss home. We miss our family. We miss snow (gasp!). We miss our Little Bella very very much. The list could go on, but to refrain from feeling like a bah-humbug I will stop.

Christmas this year is definitely going to be different. It was strange to actually mail out our Christmas presents back to family. And it will be even stranger to open gifts over Skype. However I am very thankful for that awesome invention! Maybe it will make it seem like we are not that far away, I can hope anyways!

We are thankful that Bryan's job is being overly nice this year and giving every one a week off! He doesn't even have to use his vacation days!! So awesome! All the guys either get the week before Christmas off or the week between Christmas and New Years. Bryan gets next week, we wish he had the week after Christmas off, but we are not going to complain since it's 'free' time off! This Air Force thing isn't that bad after all lol

We hope all of you are enjoying this Christmas season, and your snow! We will hopefully get more into the Christmas spirit as the week goes on! And I am still counting down days til I get on plane to head back to Nebraska! Only a few more weeks!!!

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