Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rainy Days, and an Uninteresting Week

For the last few days we have had some serious rain! It seems just about every day we get at least a small rain shower, however Tuesday and Wednesday it just rained constantly. Rainy days make me want to stay inside and curl up with a good book and just loaf. Which is so not good for all the things I need to get done around our place!

We have a baseball field in our 'backyard' and it seriously looks like a lake right now! You can actually see little waves in it! I don't think there will be any games being played any time soon! Which even though we think they play way too much (hello 7am on a Saturday), I am kind of missing their constant chattering outside our balcony, it gave me something to watch during the day.

On another note, don't know if anyone back in the States heard, but we had a big earthquake on Tuesday! It was a 6.9 and was just a little over 100 miles off Okinawa's coast! It was crazy! We have had quite a few earthquakes since we have been here, but this was by far the biggest one yet! It seemed to last a good minute as well (even though Bryan said it only lasted 15 seconds...I don't believe him because he didn't know we were having an earthquake, he thought the truck he was in was dying lol).

This week is slowly going by, nothing too exciting. We went to dinner on Tuesday night, then came home and hooked up our Apple TV, wohoo we get shows now!!!  Yesterday was a lazy day at home, with Bryan at work, and today I will be babysitting in the afternoon, and then it's Friday!! And Bryan is OFF work on Friday, wohoo for holidays!

So yup that sums up our week, pretty boring I know. I have been working on a few DIY projects and so far they are turning out great! I can't wait til they are finished and I can show them off!! 

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