Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Late Weekend Update

Our weekend is sadly over (awhile ago! this post may have been in the works since Monday lol), and Thursday is almost over! Seriously where does the time go?? On Friday when Bryan got home from work I was already at work! Yup you read that right! I got a job!!! I am nannying for a fellow military family that live on the next base over (about 15 mins away). They have 3 kids; 6yrs, 2yrs and a 1yr old. They are great kids, and are sooo much fun! I was there from 6pm-11pm, so Bryan got to do his manly stuff at home i.e. play xbox and work on his car not my cup of tea lol

Saturday we 'loafed' around the apartment in the morning and did some more unpacking and then decided to get out and about. One of the Marine bases on the island was having their Holiday Bazaar so we went to that, and I didn't even buy anything!! There were a lot of things I liked but nothing I couldn't live with out. So after that we decided to try a new restaurant, well it's not new but new to us! Bryan had heard about it at work so went there. It's called the Big Di-Chan, it was actually a pretty good little restaurant. We both ordered the same thing, they had menus with pictures in it, which is how we ordered because otherwise we didn't understand the menu! So from what we could tell our meal was going to be breaded chicken, rice and a bowl of soup. We were very surprised when our meal came because it was HUGE! There was sooo much food, we could have split one dinner instead of each of us ordering our own! But it was very tasty and yummy! And surprisingly for all that food it was only 1,789Yen! Which is about $23, so not too bad! One of the cheaper places that are on the island actually! After dinner we stopped for icecream, and then came home and watched some movies we have been waiting to watch til our BIG TV arrived!

Sunday we were able to Skype with both of families, so that was nice. And then  we did our grocery shopping then came home and made dinner and just relaxed around the apartment and got ready for the week ahead of us.

So not totally a jam packed weekend, but that is okay with us. We like being home and watching movies and just being together. Here are some pics from the restaurant!

Me with all my food lol it was like my own little buffet! I mean the soup bowl was bigger than my head!
And Bryan with his food!
The huge amount of food, I didn't even finish all my meal! That little bowl behind the soup bowl was a cold salad of mixed greens and some 'weird' stuff, I actually tried it! I was surprised by myself because normally I stick to things I know, but I figured I am going to have try the random things here, otherwise I am not really experiencing it! And it was actually good! Bryan of course ate everything, without thinking twice lol

On the way back from the restaurant we stopped at the park that we keep driving by, this time it was night and soooo pretty! I loved the views!

Then we decided to stop for icecream!!! Bryan was too quick and started eating his before I could get my camera out!

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