Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our New House!

Well we got into our new apartment, now we just need OUR furniture to arrive! We have temporary furniture that is loaned to us until our stuff gets here sometime in December, but I'm hoping for sooner!

So far we love our place, it is super spacious! Which is a good thing and a bad thing! That means more for us to clean lol but there is no carpet so at least we don't have to vacuum! Just a broom and a swifer get the job done!

Hopefully these pictures can show you what it's like! Once we get our furniture in here and decor hung up I will take more pics to share so you can see it all then too! Otherwise right now, we just a ugly couch, table and chairs, and 2 dressers. We don't even have a t.v.! Please tell me how I am going to survive without that!?!?

There is just sooo much to see and do here it is crazy! I think we are on information overload right now! With Bryan still learning the ropes at work and now this week he is at FTAC classes which last this week and next week, he is learning a lot about what his job will be here and what this base is all about. And then there is me, I am just trying to remember what side of the rode we are suppose to drive on, and where to buy groceries, and how to find my way home by myself (which is actually harder than it sounds)!!

We have another busy day today. Bryan will be in class til sometime this afternoon we are guessing til around 15:00 (3pm) and then we have to head over to Camp Foster (marine base about 20 mins away) and register our car there. Then hopefully we get back in time because I have an AMMO Wives Social event to go to tonight, so I am kind of excited to go and meet other wives of Bryan's coworkers!

Well, that is all the new news I think we have for now! Hopefully more exciting things happen that we can share later on!

Our kitchen looking in from the living room

Standing in the kitchen looking towards the living room

Living room looking from the door way

Living room looking from the balcony

Our balcony over looks a baseball field!

2nd Bedroom

Master bedroom

Master bedroom's bathroom

Front of our building, we are the apartment on the bottom right, all the windows are ours

3rd Bedroom

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  1. Awesome house! It is hard to find a spacious place here! My friends husband is AMMO too! ... not sure if she does those meetings though! If you ever want to get together and explore Im happy to! Meeting new people is fun.. I would just have my twin boys with me :) Ive been here for almost 2 years and know of a few good places! Your welcome to stop by my blog {castorparadise.blogspot.com} or email from there to get together if you want! :D Hope you are enjoying it so far!